Andy and Eva

Eva looked at me and asked, “can you believe it?”  The truth was I could very much believe it.  So much so it was as if Andy and Evas union was the way it was always supposed to be.  You see, I had known Andy for years.  When he first introduced Eva to me, I was elated.  He had met his match.  Someone equally as generous and kind as he is.  Being able to photograph their wedding was an absolute dream. 


The day was unprecedented, in its weather and its beauty.  The two chose to be wed at the historic 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos, Ca. and the weather was out of character for this area and was a historic 119 degrees with a chance of rain.  Sure enough was a day for the history books in every which way. 


When Andy first caught eyes of Eva during the first look my heart melted for my two dear friends who were about to make a choice of a lifetime. 



As the day unfolded it became known to the vendor team that the rain showers were predicted to arrive just as the ceremony was going to be starting.  Amazingly, Aly, the event coordinator from The 1880 Union Hotel rearranged the timeline we were able to hold the indoor cocktail hour prior to the ceremony which the guests absolutely loved.  And sure enough the rain came and for about 10 minutes it poured. Which again was uncharacteristic for this area. 


When it came to the ceremony and reception no detail was sparred.  From the gorgeous florals designed by Maggie Sutherland of Green and Crumb to the beautifully designed tablescapes and the delicious catering from the 1880 Union Hotel, everything was just perfect. 



Alongside the unprecedented weather came a spectacular backdrop for sunset photos in the nearby Santa Ynez Vineyards.  As the evening continued I couldn’t help but be thrilled for my dear friends as the began their new life together surrounded by their closest loved ones.